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HydroPeptide – A Luxury Brand with Results-Driven Skincare Treatments

A few days ago I attended the SimplyDubai Fashion & Beauty Conference that was held at Kempinski Hotel, Mall of Emirates. The keynote sessions were quite insightful and I got to meet with some of the top beauty and fashion influencers in the industry. However, what caught my eye was this luxury skincare brand that I hadn’t come across before. The ladies at the stand were very sweet and explained to me a bit about their brand, HydroPeptide. This luxury skincare brand has been revolutionizing the skincare industry since 2004 with the power of peptides.

These peptides work on cellular level to increase hydration, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin’s natural glow. HydroPeptide’s daily care and even their professional collection uses over 60 peptides, antioxidant rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronic acid to offer targeted and customizable regimens for all skin types.

They offers a range of anti-aging products, facials and body treatments that can be found in prestigious spas in over 24 countries including Dubai. I got lucky and received a couple of samples from them that I cannot wait to try. In my collection of HydroPeptide product samples, I received;

1. Facelift – Advanced Ultra-Light Moisturizer
2. Eye Authority – Dark Circles, Puffiness, Fine Lines Treatment
3. Cleasing Gel – Cleanse, Tone, Makeup Remover
4. Hydrostem +6 – Stem Cell Antioxidant Serum
5. Solar Defense Tinted – Broad Spectrum SPF 30
6 .Power Serum – Line Lifting Transformation

I think since my mom is visiting me these days anyways, I am going to use her as a test subject as well and compare results. πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you guys posted about our experience with HydroPeptide. In the meanwhile, if you have used this brand, I would love to know about your experience. 


My All Time Favorite Makeup Brushes? Definitely, Real Techniques!

Yo, check out my super clean brushes! πŸ€—πŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜ I spent a good one hour cleaning all my makeup brushes today. I normally make it a point to keep my makeup brushes and sponges clean and hygienic by giving them a very personalized monthly spa time. 😎 

For last two months, i have been so busy with my new born and toddler duo that I totally ignored my pretty furry fellas. πŸ™ˆIt wasn’t until yesterday that I saw a tiny pimple kind of a thing popping on my face that I started wondering what am I missing to ensure healthy skin and prevent all kinds of breakouts.⁉️

I have been religiously cleansing my skin and I make sure I remove all my makeup before bedtime then what could be the cause? Then I saw my brushes and I realized… my poor bacteria harboring dirty little brushes… πŸ˜” 

So, today’s No.1 priority was to get all my makeup brushes cleaned up and look how shiny, clean and new they look right now. 😍😍😍

These are my most used and favorite brushes. I love Real Techniques brushes as they are super high quality and they are really long lasting. Recently started using BH cosmetics eye makeup brush set. They are good but fragile. I do have to get myself some Morphe and Sigma brushes. That’s on my wishlist. 

Well, this has been my story. How about you guys? How often do you clean your makeup brushes? πŸ€“


Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liners are exactly what they claim to be – Truly ‘Everlasting’

These KatVonD Everlasting Lip Liners are truly everlasting and you’ll see for yourself that I am not saying it just for the heck of it. I went to Sephora today and I saw these very bright and colorful lip liners. I have been drooling over this line since KatVonD launched them a while back. 

In all my excitement, I picked up these 4 colors and did a quick swatch of each on my hand. This was around 12:00 pm this today. I then came home, washed my hands at least 5 times cleaning baby poop and all (the many joys of motherhood) and even took a shower an hour ago. Guess what, 12hours have passed and these bad ass liners are still intact on my hand. 

As, I said earlier and now reiterating – these pencils are called Everlasting lip liners for all legit reasons.They have an amazing range of colors in there so go ahead and check them out. In case you decide to buy them, I’d suggest putting them in the refrigerator before applying them on your lips. 

Two of these lip liners broke on my hand while I was doing the swatches. This leads me to believe either the air-conditioning wasn’t at it’s best inside Sephora or these Everlasting beauties are extremely fragile and you gotta handle them with tender love and care. 


Check out what’s inside the August Glambox – All the goodies for a rocking summer!

Last month, I finally decided to give +GlamBox Middle East a shot and get their monthly subscription as it would help me review some of the latest beauty and skincare products from a variety of brands every month. I love to try new products and this is one of the best ways to get your hands on high quality curated products for trials and reviews.

I have to say I was anxiously waiting for the day I receive my very first Glambox and guess what, the beautiful pink box arrived today. Yaayeee! I was so excited that I didn’t even waste a minute to open up the box, admire the beautiful packaging and dive straight into the products handpicked for August beauty box.

On first look, I saw some products that I have already used before but then there are some that I have no clue about so I’m looking forward to trying them in the days to come. There are a total of seven beauty products in the August’s Glambox. In no particular order, these are:

  1. Missha – M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42/PA+++
  2. Alterna – Caviar Repairx Instant Recovery Shampoo
  3. Arcancil – Starliner Ultra Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil Waterproof
  4. Rituals – Happy Buddha Mini Shower Foam 
  5. Himalaya – Purifying Neem Face Wash
  6. Nivea – Powder Touch Spray
  7. Glambox – Silicone Makeup Sponge 
The one thing that I loved about these products is their perfect travel size. I recently made a family trip to Oman and I had to take all of my toiletries in their full sized packaging. With everything else I usually have to pack for a trip, I am so relieved that I’ll finally have some products that I can take with me in their teeny tiny and easy to carry packaging.
I’d be honest and put it out there, I was expecting more of makeup products than just skincare and hair care products but then it makes sense with the Glambox’s theme for the month of August – Rocking Summer.

The packaging was really cute and on point. I just loved the combination of polka dots and the tropical flowers and toucans. Simply beautiful!

All in all, I can’t wait to receive a cute little Glambox every month full of amazing beauty products that I can try and then recommend to my family, friends and followers. 

If you are interested in experimenting with different products and you wouldn’t mind seeing a fancy little beauty box in your mail every month then I say you subscribe to Glambox and then start receiving these amazing beauty boxes every month. πŸ™‚


Dare to wear these boldest lip colors of 2017?

I saw black lips, grey lips, green lips and blue but nothing struck me more than these bold two shades from two very different cosmetic brands. I know, I know, this year we are seeing tons of wild and out-there lip colors but nothing came close to these two colors. There may be a possibility that these two colors attracted me the most because I generally love all things purple and blue but man, even these two shades are way above their league.

This first color is a collaboration between L’Oreal Paris and Balmain and they are launching 12 vibrant and very unique shades under the #Balmainxloreal matte lipstick collection. The collection will be launched in September and trust me when I say this, I cannot wait for September to be here so I can go grab this shade and rock it like a rock star! 
I am also quite keen to see what other shades they will be launching in this collection. So far, they have revealed 3 shades and this one is by far, the most awaited one on my list. I’m not a green lippy kind of person, anyways. 

This second crazy bold blue hue is just “oh, my frickin’ lord!” kind of sexy. I am super tempted to try it on and see how one can pull this shade off in an ordinary setting with no extra lighting and no extraordinary environment. 

This shiny shimmery blue lip color is pre-launched by Kat Von D beauty as part of their Everlasting #GlimmerVeil lipstick collection. This collection will have 9 shimmery bold shades but this color Reverb Blue has been pre-launched by the company. The full collection of this long-wear metallic lipsticks will be launched by end of this month. Again, I’m excited to see what colors these guys will be launching in all their metallic shimmer grandiose.