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New Year. New Resolutions. New Me.

Happy New Year, Folks!

The year 2017 was fun. It became extra special with Zayer’s birth. One thing was sure. I wasn’t going back to the corporate world anytime soon. With two kids under two, and no family around to help with kids, I decided to stay home and captain my babyship. However, a person like me cannot stay at home, raise kids and do nothing else.

A person like me has a brain that is multi-tasking and strategizing on multiple fronts, at all times. A person like me constantly needs a creative outlet. A person like me cannot be defined by just one role in life. I enjoy motherhood and I am very proud of myself for doing a fairly decent job raising my two boys. BUT. I want to do more in my life, with my life.

Last year, I decided to take up my blogging seriously. I have had a blog for more than 4 years but I neglected it, severely. I started working on it again last August and this time, I wanted to do it right. For last 4 months, I actively started posting on my blog and even took up Instagram to make it all the more fun. I made amazing new friends and met with some super awesome bloggers. All in all, last year ended on a very good note.

Now this year, I have some new plans and I want to list them down. I want to do that so I can go back to this list every few months, and see how I am doing. More so, I am making this list public so I can hold myself accountable. The last time I did something like this was a 30 day fitness challenge. I made it public and then I stuck to it for full 30 days.

Going from 30 days to 365 days of sticking to something or a couple of things is huge. It will be a daunting task but there is no knowing how we fare until we try. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, in the most cliched manner possible, my New Year’s Resolutions.

Things to Accomplish in the Year 2018

  1. Exercise 5 times a week
  2. Lose 8 kgs (17 pounds)
  3. Write something meaningful everyday
  4. Pray at least once a day
  5. Be less Angry and more Patient
  6. Stay more Happy and less Anxious
  7. Praise more and Judge less
  8. Help more and Envy less
  9. Love more and Grudge less
  10. Give more and Expect less
  11. Focus on important things in life
  12. Manage relationships (discard unhealthy ones, nurture new ones, and maintain old ones)

These are some of the things I want to work on in 2018. These are some of the things that will hopefully make me a better person than I am today. I think it is safe to say, these are the things that anyone can choose to work on to become a better human being. So in short, my new year’s new resolution is to become a better me.

What are your resolutions for this year? Can you relate with mine?

Love & Peace.




Are You at Risk of Having Breast Cancer?

Hey there, lovely people! Been a while we talked. My mom and dad were in town visiting their newest grandson who, by the way looks a lot like his grandfather (my dad) but of course the more cuter, fairer and chubbier baby version of him. 😀 This weekend, on one of our touristy trips we went to the Beach at JBR and both me and mom coincidentally wore pink.

While we were busy taking our ‘mom and daughter duo’ selfies, it occurred to me that we were subconsciously celebrating / supporting the Pink month. This thought lead to another more pressing thought. Is only wearing something pink enough or just verbally supporting a cause so close to us as women, enough? The answer is No. You knowing and being aware is one thing but spreading the awareness and educating others around you about Breast Cancer is the real deal.

As knowledgeable and smart women, each one of us hold this responsibility to educate more women around us. With this mission in mind, I started looking up some key information about Breast Cancer that I could share with the rest of you. For example, did you know that ‘All women are at risk of Breast Cancer’?

Although the usual age to start having your mammogram is 40 plus but women at higher risk of breast cancer are advised to have their screening done when they turn 30 and even earlier, if possible. You can be at high risk of breast cancer if any of below facts apply to you;

– You have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer

– Your First degree relative e.g. Mother or Sister was diagnosed with Breast or Ovarian Cancer

– Your Second degree relative e.g. your Aunt or Second cousin was diagnosed with Breast Cancer

– You were identified with BRCA gene 1 and 2 mutation

– You had Early onset of Menstruation

– You had Late Pregnancies

– You did not Breastfeed your child

– You have high BMI or are Obese

– You Smoke or consume Alcohol regularly

If you can relate to any one of these scenarios, I strongly suggest you go and get yourself checked. Finding out early is way better than detecting breast cancer at its later stage as it is believed that breast cancer detected at the early stage is 100 percent curable. All the more reasons to nip the evil in the bud.

Let me know if you are planning on getting yourself checked and if yes, are you planning on taking your mom, daughter, sister or girlfriend along? Spread awareness, ladies. Let’s not wear pink just for the heck of it, let’s wear it for all the right reasons and more!