Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask is… Awesome!

In my last month’s Glambox, I received a mask that really got my attention. Actually, it was the name of the mask that intrigued me. Imagine your reaction when you see a Self Heating One Minute Mask for the first time. I had never heard of a mask like that before so I really wanted to experience how it felt like trying on a mask that would self heat and do its magic in just a minute.

Well, here’s how my experience went with it. I ripped open the cute bottle shaped packing of the Biore Self Heating One Minute mask and followed the instructions mentioned at the back of the packing. The mask is very easy to apply. You simply wet your face, apply the mask, gently massage for one minute and then rinse it off with water. 
As soon as I applied the mask, I felt an instant heating effect on my skin. By the time, I finished applying it, the heating effect had disappeared. However, every time I used a bit of water to massage the layer of mask on my face, it would heat up again. A minute later, I rinsed off the mask and I could see an instant glow and a very refreshing feeling right away.  
This thermal mask is infused with natural charcoal. It opens up your pores and draws out dirt and excess oil from your skin. I think it worked brilliantly well considering it has to be applied for only a minute. This is one mask which you should keep with you for those quick spa moments on a busy day. 
I thought this mask would be pretty expensive but it is actually quite affordable. This one mask sachet retails for only 29 AED or 7.9 USD which is not bad a price for what it does. Biore products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies all over UAE. I would say if you haven’t tried this mask before, please try it. This will become one of your go-to masks, I promise! 🙂
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